I’ve put my life on the line to protect and defend this country and our Constitution from foreign and domestic threats. The greatest threat to our freedoms and way of life isn’t external – it’s right next door. We have allowed dangerous ideologies to invade and destroy our founding institutions and values, allowed Big Tech to censor free speech, and allowed our children to be taught that they are not equal to their peers.

This is not the time for hesitancy or political correctness – we must fight back against Big Tech, the media, and the Democrats before we lose our country


When I was a Navy Seal, I stopped terrorists from wreaking havoc on our shores. As your Congressman, I will work tirelessly to stop them from entering our southern border. Arizonans deserve leaders that will put their safety and security first and understand that border security is national security. Every American deserves protection from the human traffickers, drug dealers and terrorists who enter our country illegally. It’s time we gained operational control of our borders by empowering frontline agents and officers to enforce the laws Congress passed and apprehend and return illegal border crossers.


As a Navy SEAL, I fought terrorists on foreign shores who wanted to destroy America and our freedoms. Our values make America the best nation in the world – they must be protected at all costs. I know far too well the importance of strong national security. 

I will fight in Washington to support and fund our active military, families and veterans and work to strengthen our military and counter-intelligence to protect from terrorists – both at home and abroad.


As someone who went to war for our country, there is nothing more democratic and patriotic than promoting transparent elections. But in 2020, Democrats across the country sought consequential election changes that led to confusion, chaos, and distrust in our democracy. In order to restore confidence in our electoral system, we need to reinstate election day voting, bolster polling sites, end unrestricted mail-out balloting and enact stronger voter ID laws and stiffer penalties for anyone caught harvesting ballots or found guilty of voter fraud.


Arizona’s economy is strong because of conservative policies – we can’t let Washington politicians and Democrats weaken our state with bad policies like trillions of dollars in handouts and higher taxes. We’ve seen what their policies have done to California and we can’t afford that happening to Arizona. 

I’m a small business owner; I know firsthand the struggles that workers, their families and small business owners face. That’s why I’ll fight for lower taxes, less regulation, and pro-growth policies. The more money that Arizonans get to keep in their pockets and the least government involvement, the better.