Border Security

As a Navy SEAL in Iraq, Eli stopped terrorists from wreaking havoc. As your Congressman and member of the Homeland Security Committee, he is working to stop terrorists, human traffickers, and cartel drug dealers from infiltrating our nation. 

Eli has co-sponsored articles of impeachment against Department of Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas for allowing an invasion on our southern border and has aggressively pushed to make the Secure the Border Act, which passed the House this past May, the law of the land. As a member of the Homeland Security Committee, Eli helped mark up and pass this legislation. 

The Secure the Border Act would resume construction of President Trump’s border wall, add 22,000 Border Patrol agents, and make it illegal to release millions of illegal aliens into our communities.

Eli believes it’s time we gain operational control of our borders, build a wall, and empower border patrol agents. 

Fighting for Those Who Fought for Us

Instead of funding forever wars and throwing away money we don’t have, Eli believes we should be focused on taking care of those who risked it all for our freedom.

Our nation’s veterans are heroes who deserve the highest standard of care. Eli is fighting for these heroes to have more health care options, better outcomes, and more opportunities once they re-enter civilian life.

Defeating Woke and Weaponized Government

Eli is fighting to ban Critical Race Theory in Arizona’s schools. Our kids should be educated, not indoctrinated.

Eli has also introduced legislation that would eradicate bogus woke initiatives from our military. Our armed forces should be focused on defending Americans, not running a counterproductive social experiment. 

Eli is proudly and unflinchingly pro-life and pro-Second Amendment and will never apologize for it. 

Bringing a Business Background to Congress

As a small business owner, Eli knows you can’t just print money. As inflation rates and our national debt skyrockets, Congress continues to spend money we don’t have. This is unacceptable and Eli has consistently gone against the grain, voting to rein in reckless spending.

Eli is fighting for lower taxes, less regulation, and pro-growth policies. The more money that Arizonans get to keep in their pockets and the least government involvement, the better. 

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