Exclusive – Navy SEAL Eli Crane: Self-Defense Rights are ‘from God not Government’

Breitbart – Awr Hawkins – July 28th, 2021

Breitbart News sat down with Crane this week and he said, “If you look at my background, and you look at my social media, and you look at the fact that I’ve been a brand ambassador for Sig Sauer for three years, it should be easy to do that math and see that I love the ability to own firearms as much as anyone does or can.”

He continued, “And it’s not just that I like shooting and maintaining those skills, but because I love the fact that we live in a country where we recognize inalienable rights, and Americans possess such rights. They are rights given to us by God; rights that enable us to protect ourselves.”

Breitbart and Crane discussed how the Second Amendment faces an onslaught of gun control under the Biden administration and how important it is to elect pro-Second Amendment candidates now.
Crane said, “Running for office was part of a plan that I formulated in days gone by. I’ve lived a blessed life, I could die tomorrow and I don’t need another feather in my cap. The reason I’m running is because of the alarm that I see and feel from this totalitarian overreach, that we’re seeing across the board. And obviously, the Second Amendment is one that protects the rights that protect all our other rights.”

He stressed that “freedom” is an operative word in his life and campaign and noted that it is “monumentally important” to protect gun rights and other aspects of freedom.

Crane added, “Getting people like myself in office, who are fighters and who love the constitution and our constitutional framework, is more important now than it ever has been.”